Welcome to Sable Fever Shepherds, a division of Spotted Fever Ranch. We are so proud of our sable German Shepherds that we created this website to share them with you. We have had several types of German Shepherds in the past, and we researched long and hard before we decided to purchase our first Czech GSD import. Why Czech? Why imported? We wanted to avoid inherent hip and elbow problems so common among American bred GSD's.We wanted the whole package: health, longevity, companionship, protection, loyalty, and the ability to take these dogs as far as their capabilities will allow them to go.

Our sable German Shepherds are raised on our working ranch in southern Colorado. Highly intelligent, their bloodlines have been used for police work, tracking, search and rescue, narcotics detection, and personal protection. We use them for moving and herding our cattle! They make loyal and wonderful family members. Many people refer to this line of breeding as "fifteen year dogs" as their health and physical well being usually results in a companion that is with us considerably longer than the typical large breed dog. We only have one litter per year and it is usually a mixture of sables and blacks.

Please enjoy these pictures and contact us if you are interested in getting on our puppy waiting list.




Raven: all black female mom of current litter


This is Raven, our solid black Czech female. The solid black shepherds are fairly rare and only occur if each sable parent has a recessive black gene and passes it. This will occur 25% of the time. Raven, therefore, carries two recessive black genes and when mated with a male like Vigo, who carries the recessive black gene, half the litter should be black and half sable, which is exactly what happened. If Raven was bred to a black stud, all the puppies would be black. The black shepherds are usually a little longer and a little slighter in build. Raven is bigger than average for a Czech bred female and always has a very shiny coat, which we really admire. We can never take her anyplace without people inquiring about and admiring her for the unusual dog that she is. We will keep this site updated on how well she does passing this shine gene on to her pups.

Raven: all black female mom of current litter



Her November 2016 litter gave us 3 solid black puppies: 2 male, 1 female; and 3 sable puppies: 2 female and one male. Raven is the daughter of Maximus Anreibi and Xena.

My daughter says that this is a picture of the ranch and a cut out of a GSD! Yes, Raven is THAT black! Raven is an excellent companion dog whose color, conformation, and amber eyes keep strangers naturally at bay. She's friendly, very vocal, and an excellent mom.












This fine dog is the sire of Raven's November 2016 litter.
His name is Vigo z Tresnaku from K9 Specialists in Denver, Colorado. Vigo: Czech import and sire of current litter
Vigo is a trained narcotics sniffing dog.













Our puppies being family...now that is socialization.


We like to keep our litters close to our living space and well socialized. This litter was 5 weeks old when our kids and grandkids came for Christmas. The new puppies first real meal

No one wanted to play with their gifts; just the puppies!!! Can you blame them... (smile)











Raven's litter mate, Sagan lives in a San Francisco apartment, and is currently in PSA and IPO training.





This handsome dog belongs to one of my daughters and her husband who live in San Francisco. His name is Sagan. He's the whole package: intelligence, looks, protection, and companionship. He is from Maximus' and Xena's first litter in February of 2014.




Sagan in very first session.



My daughter and her husband are taking Sagan through PSA training.
He took to it naturally and they were amazed. They said it was like someone unzipped him and out came a personality that they did not know was there.
They are thrilled. Needless to say, NO ONE bothers them on the streets of San Francisco!








Vader:  a Raven litter mate at 3 months old with his family in Parker, Colorado



This picture melts our hearts! This little puppy is from Maximus and Xena's 2014 litter. His name is Vadar. Vadar has taken total protective custody of this little girl. He checks on her at night and wakes her up for school in the morning. He plays games with her inside of cardboard box forts. He could not be with a better family.


Juniper and Raven






Raven and litter mate Juniper at 6 months having a ranch play date.




Torvi, a female Czech sable, is living in Trinidad.



Reina and Milo





Reina, in purple, having a last night snooze with her brother before she left to live in the state of New York. Six week old sable Czech GSD Milo went to live in Denver.






Panzer is living with family in northern Colorado.






Axl, a Czech black male GSD, is living with family in Denver.



Pat, Nugget, and Rick





We just had to keep this little one: Nugget!











Xena: grand dam of current litter and Raven's dam


Xena, the ranch matriarch. We imported Xena in March of 2012.
Constantly on the move, Xena's needs the ranch and the ranch needs Xena. She is a highly driven, intense GSD, who demands a job.
We use Xena to drive our cattle. (Step aside Australian Shepherds!) Her intensity made it difficult for her to resettle into a pregnancy so we had her spayed. It did not lessen her intensity but made her into a wonderful companion dog as well as the Ranch Manager! Xena: grand dam of current litter and Raven's dam



Xena, proud and protective mother.












Maximus is our first Czech GSD import and he got us hooked. He was, unfortunately, stolen from us.
We only hope that whoever has him is being good to him.
Three days before Max was stolen, we mated him with Xena. She produced a litter of 5 beautiful pups some of whom are pictured on this page.



Put in you reservation now for Raven's next litter due fall of 2017.

Puppies will run $2000 for sables and $2200 for blacks.
We have a 10% discount for law enforcement, military, veterans, and IPO and PSA trainers.
A $500 deposit will put you in line to reserve your choice according to submission order.







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