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When you're young and you fall off a horse, you may break something. When you're my age, you splatter.
~Roy Rogers


Not into riding? These are some great nearby attractions that you may visit from our ranch.



Hiker on a sand duneGreat Sand Dunes National Park - 50 miles from SFR

The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve features the tallest dunes in North America and is just 35 miles northeast of Alamosa. Against the backdrop of rugged 14,000-foot peaks in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, the 30-square mile dune field, with no designated trails, invites you to explore freely. The natural system of the Park ranges from sand dunes to forests, from cottonwood groves to majestic mountain peaks and tundra. The highest elevation in the park is 13,604'. Play in intermittent Medano Creek, hike forest trails, or camp in the back country. The Visitor Center and Campground areas are about 8200' above sea level.





Zapata Falls - 45 miles

Zapata is a 30 ft. high waterfall

After climbing the dunes on a hot summer day, refresh yourself at spectacular Zapata Falls. South Zapata Creek has powered its way through a rock crevasse, etching and carving the steep stone walls containing the 30 ft. high waterfall. Listen to the melodic cascading waters; feel the chilling spray of the falls;and watch for dippers, dark gray aquatic song birds that feed on water insects. The hike to the falls is .5 miles. (8 km) and mildly steep. Once the trail reaches the creek, you must wade into the stream, climb a small ladder, and walk through a narrow gorge to view the falls.







Central PlazaTaos, New Mexico - 60 miles

Retreat from the modern day. Rejuvenate in Taos’ sacred places. You don’t need a map to find sacred places in Taos. They’re everywhere… on well-traveled roads to the historic Taos Pueblo, along a winding alley to a gallery, in a colorful shrine tucked into an adobe wall, and in the sound of the river as it winds down the canyon. Taos is the result of centuries of history and a fusion of diverse cultures that create a unique town full of unforgettable places.
Taos has lots to do and see year-round ! A plethora of museums, historic sites and more await you.




The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad - 35 miles

Antonito Narrow Gauge
Ride the Longest Highest, most Historic Narrow Gauge Railroad in North America. 64 miles of spectacular scenery through the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. Enjoy riding the rails, as they did in the 1880's with modern day comforts. This Historic line was originally the San Juan Extension with Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, few railroads in the world climb to greater heights than the historic narrow gauge line over 10,015-foot Cumbres Pass. The trains have been chugging over Cumbres Pass since 1881. Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad was chosen one of the "Top 20 Rail Trips of the World" by the Society of International Railway Travelers.




Stations of the CrossStations of the Cross - 8 miles

Dedicated in 1990, the shrine symbolizes the central role of religion in southern Colorado's Hispano communities. Local residents come here throughout the year for prayer, reflection, and celebration. The shrine also makes an important contribution to the San Luis economy, drawing thousands of visitors annually.
Perhaps most important, it has rekindled a sense of unity and pride in this, Colorado's first significant settlement. The statues were sculpted by Huberto Maestas. He is described as a restless spirit with a passion for art. Maestas exuberates a creative energy that is evident not only in art, but in life itself. There is nothing passive about a piece by Maestas. His figures embrace drama, and capture the spirit of form in motion. Visualizing each sculpture before it is begun, he captures the essence of each piece he creates. Addressing his art to the realm of human experience, Maestas is drawn to the human figure. Maestas couples his artistic vision with technical skill, seeing a piece through the "lost wax process" into a finished bronze.




Alligator Farm - 65 miles

Colorado alligator eating a fish

Here is something you don't find every day in a high mountain valley of the Rocky Mountains -- alligators. A unique experience for the whole family! View a variety of turtles, tortoises, gators, snakes and lizards for a hands-on learning opportunity. View gator wrestling and meet alligators featured in many movies and tv commercials!

There are many species of reptiles on our farm, most of which come from uninformed pet owners. We take care of these animals and display them for education of the public. Nature trail hiking, fishing, boating, and picnicking are available on site, as well as guided tours.




Conejos River fly fishing Conejos River - 50 miles

The best known fly fishing stream in southern Colorado is the Conejos River. It is about one hour west of the ranch & appeals to spouses that would rather fish than ride. It is well known for both browns and rainbows. This river is easily accessible from a well maintained road.






Hiking and Climbing 14'ers - 60 miles to closest trail head

Mountaineering or the sport of climbing mountains is simply one of the finest outdoor opportunities available to the lover of high places. Mountain climbing is all about challenge and perseverance, about putting hands and feet onto rocks and ice and snow and finally reaching a summit. There, high above the world of cities and civilization, the climber can pause and look across a natural world ruled by nature and her raw beauty.

The mountains draw climbers who love the natural world and possess an adventurous spirit. To reach the summit of a mountain peak is not always easy, but it always seems worthwhile. It always seems worth the effort to stand atop a mighty peak and look across the world with the eyes of a soaring eagle. It’s at those precious mountain moments that you will remember Helen Keller’s admonition: “A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships.”



Alamosa Wildlife Refuge - 30 miles

Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge

Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1962 as a haven for migratory birds and other wildlife. 14,345 foot Mt. Blanca of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains provides a stunning backdrop for this 11,169 acre refuge.
Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge consists of wet meadows, river oxbows and riparian corridor primarily within the flood plain of the Rio Grande, and dry uplands vegetated with greasewood and saltbush. These areas support songbirds, water birds, raptors, mule deer, beaver and coyotes. A two mile round trip hiking trail begins at the Visitor's Center and follows the Rio Grande. The Bluff Overlook on the eastern side of the refuge may be reached by car and provides a three and a half mile auto tour.




Cattails Golf Course - 50 miles

Cattails golf course

Cattails Golf Course is a unique par 71 that winds through tall old cottonwood trees and cattail wetlands. The elevation is 7600, which provides beautiful mountain views. Golf Course has been the choice of many traveling golfers all over the country and is one of the hidden gems of Colorado.







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