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There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. ~Winston Churchill

At Spotted Fever Ranch we believe in and practice Natural Horsemanship techniques. All of our horses have been trained with those principles and we believe that they are all safe to ride because of it. We utilize these principles every time we are with our horses in order to keep them safe and espectful. We have tried to provide some info on all of them below in order to have you help us team you up with a horse to your liking and experience level in order to make this a memorable experience that you will always remember fondly.





Whip Hancock Killian ( 2015)

Killian    Killian longing




Every man deserves one good horse in his lifetime.~Rick B.


Bailey's Crème Fever ('03 - 15/1)

Bailey's Crème Fever

Let's just cut right to the chase. My name is Bailey. I am the ranch stud and I am a "hunk of burnin' love! I'm shown on here because I'm the Dad of a couple of the younger horses listed here and the "main squeeze" of all the ladies listed here. Rick likes to take me trail riding but I am usually busy keeping track of my gals. Oops! Gotta run! One of my girlfriends is over there swishing her tail and I Bailey being ridden by Alliegotta check it out. Hey!

Nice work if you can get it, right guys?

Bailey's Crème Fever



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The main issue with stallions is that people treat them like stallions instead of like a horse.~Rick B.




Jay Cee Bee ('96 - 16/0)

Jay Cee Bee
Just call me Jaycee! I am tall, stout and gorgeous, and anybody can ride me! Since I am the "matriarch" of the herd, I am the ranch's most prolific producer of foals and Bailey LOVES me! Several of my offspring are the result of embryo transfers. Some of my sons and daughters are still here on the ranch and being used: Inky, Cookie, and Kahlua. I have a lot of riding experience in many different situations. Rick and Pat have taken me on several pack trips where they have used me as both a pack horse and a trail horse. Pat uses me as the "beer cart" because I am so tall and stout! Rick takes me hunting every fall and I have also done some team Jay Cee Beeroping. I have been in parades and have carried two rodeo queens in riding competitions, so I am used to a lot of pomp and circumstance. Don't be intimidated by my size; I'm very sweet and usually carry the larger guests.






Horses don't learn from pressure. They learn from the release of pressure.~Ray Hunt



Cookies and Cream Fever ('04 - 15/2)

Cookies and Cream Fever


Just call me Cookie for short. Rick and Pat had an ice cream theme going the year I was born and this is the name I got! I am a gentle horse and have carried all levels of riders. I have been on several hunting trips, and don't get too excited about much of anything.



Be as gentle as possible, but as firm as necessary.~Richard Winters



Spotted Fever Ink ('03 - 15/2)

Spotted Fever Ink

Inky is what everyone calls me. Actually, I was the first born when Rick and Pat incorporated Spotted Fever Inc., so the name "Inky" seemed like the right name to give me. I have gone on numerous pack trips Spotted Fever Inkand mountain trail rides. Pat rides me most of the time, but has somewhat forsaken me in order to put time on Muscatel. Therefore, I am lonely and would like someone to "pick me." I am happy with all levels of riders, even beginners.





Don't spoil your horse - you'll ruin him.~GaWaNi Pony Boy



Sierra ('99 - 14/3)

I am the horse that anyone can ride! I'm not really big either. I have even been used for riding lessons and I am okay with green horn city slickers as well as very experienced riders. I'll do whatever you want. I have been hunting and packing in the mountains several times and on several major cattle drives. Rick and Pat decided to buy me when they came to look at some other horses, and I wouldn't leave them alone. I kept following them Sierra around until they gave in. I'm really glad they did because I love it here.






Take everything that you've ever learned about a horse and do the opposite.~Pat Parelli



Sapphire ('01 - 15/3)

They really are this blue


I am Bailey's main squeeze and usually live with him year round. My main job is having babies. Raylan is my latest production - not too shabby, huh? I'm enjoying life way too much to be bothered with being ridden. You'll have to pick someone else, but I am available for pictures if you want to impress the folks back home with my two bright Sapphireblue eyes!










The most effective training you can do for the least amount of effort on your part is to tie your horse up and let him teach himself.~Rick B



Kahlua ('05 - 15/2)



I was born in the year that Rick and Pat had an "after dinner drink" thing going! Actually, I think the name suits my looks just fine. I need a moderately experienced hand. My nature is calm, but I am no plug. I would be happy if you choose to ride me!





If you can move your horse's feet forwards, backwards, left, and right, then you have control of his mind.~Clinton Anderso



Lady ('98 - 15/0)



I will take you wherever you want to go! I have been moving cows, hunting, camping, packing, trail riding and have been to see the mustangs so many times that I can't count them all. Pat and Rick say that I am their best trail horse. I am happy with riders who don't know much, and I am equally happy with more advanced riders. Everyone who rides me likes me a lot.Lady and Rick








Impulsion is your best friend.~Marty Marten


Latte ('05 - 15/3) SOLD



See? Rick and Pat had this coffee thing going that year, too, and that's the name I got. I have been to see the mustangs on several occasions. I am considered a very unusual horse because I have four colors: tan, red, black and white. I need an experienced hand, but I am very willing to do what is asked of me.





It's darn near impossible to describe the feeling you have when there is a good horse between your knees.~Rick B.



Music ('06 - 14/2) SOLD



No, you are not seeing double. I know I look a lot like my sister Latte, but I am much smaller. I need a rider who can tell me what to do and if I'm doing it right. I also just love humans, and I follow them all over the place. Sometimes I get bopped on my nose because I am a pest. Oh well, I just come back for more.






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Blue Picchu Fever ( 2019)

Out of Whipp Hancock Alexia and by CF Whirlin Thunder





Blue Zima Fever (2018)

Blue Picchu Fever Blue Picchu Fever

Out of Gambling Lady Rebel and by Whip Hancock Killian


Our brown/black ? filly...
and proof that she will soon shed off to be blue roan !





Aspen (growing fast) SOLD
Aspen making a new friend.


Ok, I know I'm not available for rides yet, but if you're interested in coming to Spotted Fever Ranch after 2013 I should be ready. They tell me that I will have some other brothers and sisters coming so Rick and Pat can sell a few to help support the ranch. I just hope I get to stay and join in all the fun Aspen posingaround here.












Raylan (2013) SOLD


I think Rick and Pat need a life. Ever watch the TV series called "Justified" ? Yep, I got named after therenegade US Marshall. He's pretty cool and I hope I will be too when I grow up. I inherited my mom's blue eyes but they may turn grey as I get older. We'll see . . .






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William Robert ('99-14/2)

William Robert
Don't let the formality fool you! The folks around here call me "Billy Bob", and I am a full blown mustang. I am from Nevada, was captured and put up for adoption when I was 1 year old. If you look under my mane I can impress you with my "angle code" tattoo that all captured mustangs receive. It details my history. I am small and I have a Paso Fino type of gait. I am really fun to ride. I like to just quietly follow along with the group, but can "do more" if you are a confident rider. I appeal to those who want to "ride a mustang to see the mustangs." Let's experience the old west to the fullest extent!mustang angle code brand









Most people don't know they have a bad or disrespectful horse until they've been around a good horse.~Joe McClella



Muscatel ('08 - 15/0)



Why Pat and Rick named me after a grape is beyond me, but I'm happy with it! So far, I think this riding stuff is going to be just fine. It's kinda fun. Pat loves me! You need to make sure I understand what you want me to do and I'm happy to do it for you. I just need more experience. MuscatelHumans fascinate me and I love following them around, so expect me to appear at your shoulder looking for some love!








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